Make the most of your legacy with our Inheritance Tax Service

P2P lending offers more than just good potential yield. Becoming a lender you could benefit from Business Relief on the value of your portfolio,

Inheritance Tax Service

What is the Money&Co. Inheritance Tax Service?

The Money&Co. Inheritance Tax Service takes advantage of Business Relief. At present, estates with a value of more than £325,000 pay 40% tax. This is reduced to 36% if 10% of the estate is given to charity.

If the family home is passed on before death, then the threshold increases to £450,000. If the threshold is not met following the death of a partner or spouse, then the balance is added to the threshold for the surviving partner or spouse. Thus, the maximum threshold is £900,000 (family home passed on and partner or spouse dies with no assets).

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How does the service work?

Money&Co. establishes a lending vehicle

The vehicle is established on your behalf, and is fully owned and controlled by you. Money&Co. administers the vehicle and ensures that the relevant secretarial and reporting requirements are met.

The vehicle signs an agreement with Money&Co. and Bramdean manages a loan portfolio for the lending vehicle.

Bramdean ensures that there is never more than 50% cash in the vehicle, which is a requirement for Business Relief to apply.

After two years the vehicle becomes exempt from your estate for Inheritance Tax purposes.

Shares can be transferred during your lifetime, and the shares will still not be subject to Inheritance Tax as long as the two-year period has been observed.

The vehicle is subject only to Corporation Tax on the income from loans, net of costs.

The residual income can be paid out as a dividend or reinvested in loans. Reinvestment is favourable from a tax point of view.


The Money&Co. Inheritance Tax Service is available to high-net-worth investors. The minimum investment is £150,000.

If you are interested in becoming a client, our customer service team will be happy to explain the account opening process and answer any questions you might have.

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